Can't grow a beard? Have a beard, but patchy? Don't worry, if you want a fuller, dense beard, then Hair & Aesthetics can help. Through our expert advice & highly experienced, qualified surgeons, we'll help you through your beard journey..

Some men just can’t grow a beard, or others can but it isn’t as dense, or it may just be patchy.

As the trend of having a beard continues for years to come, you can also achieve a trendy beard you’ve always wanted. Having a beard or moustache gives a man confidence and enhances beauty.

Some men just can’t grow a beard, or others can but it isn’t as dense, or it may just be patchy. As the popularity of this increases, it will never die out. A beard has always been a symbol and style for fashion amongst celebrities and social circles.

We at Hair & Aesthetics understand some men want to achieve a strong, dense beard which is why we have our experienced consultants at hand who will give you free, no-obligation advice on how to achieve your perfect look.


What is a Beard Transplant?

Our beard transplants are performed with our expert and highly qualified surgeons who perform an FUE beard transplant. It involves carefully extracting hair follicles from a healthy donor area or hair which is commonly at the back of the head and then very artistically placed in the area of concern. This may be the beard, moustache, sideburns or the goatee

Am I Eligible for a Beard Transplant?

The requirements for conducting a successful beard transplant are not a lot. You’ll need to have some hair on your body that can be extracted and implanted in the area of concern, whether that is the beard, mustache, or even side burns. 

If you feel concerned about having hair extracted from the back of your head, that is no issue because it can be taken from underneath the chin or even the chest area. If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible for a beard transplant then book your free, no obligation call. One of our expert hair consultants will be in touch to discuss in detail about the options.

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